Eva Rivera (@masymas_eva)

Jan 2018

2017 was a rough year. I used to lift weights as a way of letting off steam but this year it seemed almost impossible. I baked my way out of anxiety and depression. My family lost our family pet of 20 years, Hookie was more than a pet. She was family. Then we lost our rock, our anchor, my dad. 2017 was filled with so much heartache and pain but we’re still here to tell the tale. May 2018 be easier on our souls because we’ve been through the shit and back. Everyone faces their own pain and struggles but keeps it to themselves for the sake of saving others from pain/ discomfort. Cheers to all of you harboring your own silent pains. May 2018 be filled with more love and positivity because we can all use more of it. Peace and love to you all because honestly, hate is just a waste of energy. #noregrets #lovefirst #peace #family #newyear #lifeswhatyoubakeit #greatbakes