Eva Rivera (@masymas_eva)

Apr 2019

I've set myself a baking goal of learning/ executing 94 different baking recipes and techniques over the next 3 months. Why, why not? I believe that I am capable of so much and this is just one those self given goals I will be trying my damndest to achieve. Here we have a 3 tiered chocolate cake (recipe from Deceptive Desserts by Christine McConnell ), with a homemade vanilla whip and a special crunchy crumble I put together. Over the weekend I tried my hand at a lemon meringue pie and boy was that a heck of task. But, I did it! It wasn't the prettiest but it was out of this world delicioso. So stay tuned my friends I will be documenting my baking charades more often. Heck I may take a request or two, so feel free to send me a recipe of some sort and see if I can whip it up. #wakeandbake #lifeiswhatyoubakeit #tastytreats #igeats #masymas #whiskit