GreenDog Foundation, CA (@greendogfoundation)

Jan 2020

UPDATE! REUNITED with her family 🎉🐾❤️*Courtesy Post* Last week we posted a success story about a dog that was reunited with her family because the dog was chipped. This week we need your help in finding this sweet girls family, because unfortunately she wasn’t chipped. She was found in Santa Ana, CA. Thanks to my friends @shenandsamco for helping this sweetie out. Posted @withregram@shenandsamco This sweet dog was scared, on a very busy street we were driving down earlier this week. My husband spotted her, and said “oh my god, there is a little dog, we need to help”. And without a moment’s hesitation, he pulled the car over, got out of the car, and started coaxing her to come to him. I feel like we were channeling @izzyforever ’s dad. 😊 He was able to get her and put her in the car. She was wearing a collar, but no tags. We went to a local PetSmart and they checked for a chip. No chip 🙁 We’ve posted on every site we can think of, we will be posting signs with her picture near where we found her and look for any signs posting a lost dog. She is so very sweet, and we will do everything we can to keep her safe and comfortable while we try to reunite her with her family. . But it would have been so easy to do this had she had tags with contact info, or a chip so we could find her family. Please, please, make sure you have tags and/or microchip your pets in case they happen to get out! 🙏🏻 ☺️ . I feel certain that if my husband hadn’t scooped her up, she would have been hit by a car. It was such a busy street and she was so scared and disoriented. Watching it all unfold in a matter of minutes, I couldn’t have loved my husband more, he was definitely her hero! 😇 🧡 🦸‍♀️