Mika Mäkinen (@mygearphoto)

2 weeks ago

Rumours tell that Canon is developing EOS-R1 with global shutter. That would be the first interchangeable lens body to have it. Do you think it's true or false? Here's an explanation what global shutter is if you don't know:  Image sensors with a global shutter allow all of the pixels to accumulate a charge with the exposure starting and ending at the same time.  At the end of the exposure time the charge is read out simultaneously.  In turn, the image has no motion blur on moving objects. 🔸 On frame: Canon EOS-1DxMarkII + EF50mm/f1,2L USM 🔸 Shot with Samsung S10 🔸 #canon #dslr #liveforthestory #photography #photooftheday #camerasetup #camera #photographer #photogear 🔸 @canonrumorsguy