Clay Sholly (@s.h.o.l.l.y)

2 weeks ago

Vision. It’s something so important and plays a role into your life amd how you view the world. The way we view things shapes who we are and how others see us. This is an important thing! I dont know about you but i want people to view me as someone who loves, someone that just loves people for who they are and tries my best to help others better themselves. Which means i want to view the world with love in my eyes. Think about your views in life and how they make others see you! Also thank you to my beautiful wife @jenamrssholly for letting me take this crazy picture of her eye! @canonusa #canonphotography #camera #dslr #dslrphotography #canon #canonusa #photography #pictures #dslrcamera #beautyindetails #view #viewpoints #vision