GreenDog Foundation, CA (@greendogfoundation)

Jan 2020

A few days ago, a woman called us and said she had found a small dog in a ditch. The dog was filthy, matted and skinny and could we take it in. We told her the proper method was to first take the dog to a vet and have it scanned for a microchip and if not microchipped, then to submit it to the nearest shelter just in case the owners were looking for it. People often skip these steps saying the dog was dirty or matted or the 'owners shouldn't have let it get out'. That's a slippery slope...dogs escape. Dog sitters goof. And it doesn't take long at all for a dog to become dirty and matted. And just because it's turned into a shelter doesn't mean the inevitable. A person surrendering a dog can always put their name on the dog to be called in case the dog does not get adopted. The woman did as we suggested and the pup was microchipped. The owners were called and IMMEDIATELY drove to retrieve their precious pup. The pup had been missing for 10 days. They were ecstatic, the pup was ecstatic and all is put right. If you find a dog, don't assume anything. I would be absolutely devastated if one of my dogs went missing and whoever picked them up decided for themselves that the dog was 'dumped'. Follow the proper protocol and you just might be mending several broken hearts. ❤️ (This photo was borrowed, but depicts yet another dog that was reunited with his owner after several months ).